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Observing American media

Chilean miners

I have observed about American view and I will comment on some ideas which I would like to know.
First, the other day my friend Jara asked me about the miners rescue, because I said her that the USA covers South America less than South America covers the USA. Well, the CNN covered every moment of the miners rescue and they showed Obama cheering that success of the operation. The USA lent the machine which dug the hole that rescued the miners. More than 200 countries were covering the incident.

The death of the Argentina´s ex-president Néstor Kirchner

As the focus is on the election in the USA, CNN didn´t spend much time covering death it on the Néstor Kirchner. So, I didn´t watch that CNN covered it and I looked for it on the Internet. I found it, but I think that the USA doesn´t like him.
In the video, a journalist said that the president of Brazil, Lula declared 3 days of official mourn. Friends!
Above the video, there was a report. On the first sheet, the journalist said that Nestor Kirchner, the powerful former leader of Argentina died Wednesday. He told one point, Argentina defaulted on an IMF loan rather than use the country's foreign reserves to pay it, a risky move that ultimately proved to be a great bargaining chip for Kirchner.
Eventually Kirchner renegotiated the country's debt, and paid it all off.
Fernandez, who as cabinet chief had to explain to the media that Argentina would not use its currency reserves to pay the IMF, cites the turnaround of the economic and fiscal health of the country as one of Kirchner's greatest successes. The country went from about $8 billion in reserves when he took office in 2003, to about $50 billion in 2007.
The journalist cited  that Kirchner's openness to develop relations with Venezuela and Cuba, two countries at odds with the United States, and Kirchner's influence on the country remained after his term in office through UNASUR, a regional body created in part to balance out influence from the United States.

Brazil viewed by American people

I would like to know what the American media shows about Brazil. Recently, The New York Times produced a video, with a duration of 6 minutes, about ghettos in Rio de Janeiro and our preoccupation with violence because Brazil will host the World Cup and the Olympics.
I hope that World Cup and Olympics show the best of Brazil.

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